RSS Feed for National Press Club Upcoming Library Events


National Press Club posted the instruction how to obtain RSS feed of upcoming library events:

The official club calendar doesn’t have RSS feeds yet, but there is still a way to get a RSS feed of all the upcoming library events. You can enter the library events page URL,, into the Page URL box on Page2RSS, After the resulting link is plugged into your feed reader you will receive a notice every time something is added to the library events page.

There is a simple way to announce there is an RSS feed on the page. As a webmaster you can include direct link to Page2RSS feed. Format is very straight forward Substitute with address of your page and that's it.

This how direct link to National Press Club library events will look like Note that you can safely omit http:// part of URL.

Adding RSS Autodiscovery will make all recent browsers show nice RSS Icon in the address bar. That will make it easier for people to subscribe to your RSS feed. To enable autodiscovery you have to include on line of code inside the head tag of your HTML document:

title="The Eric Friedheim Library: Events and Classes - Page2RSS"


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