Page2RSS Downtime


Perharps everybody noticed several hours of downtime of Page2RSS on May 15. Here is the story.

That morning we found that our domain does not exists anymore. Our registrar, GoDaddy, has suspended the domain and send an email requiring to remove specific content. The problem is that they did it without any notification. No phone calls. Yes, sometimes they call us pitching some additional service. No, they didn't call this time.

Quick investigation revealed that somebody used Page2RSS to obtain feed of warez site featuring full text of: Half-Life 2 Mods For Dummies (ISBN: 0470096314), Windows Vista For Dummies (ISBN: 0471754218). Investigators hired by John Wiley & Sons, Inc, copyright owner, didn't contact us, but contacted our domain registrar GoDaddy instead. They sent a letter with the subject "Demand for Immediate Take-Down: Notice of Infringing Activity" at 8:09, Go Daddy Software's owned IP was here at 8:12. Very shortly after that, the domain disappeared from the internet.

It took 30 seconds to remove the content and write an email to Several hours to wait until they read the email and turn the domain back on. When we have to fix the dns records GoDaddy broke and wait until all changes propagated on the internet.

Thank you, GoDaddy for teaching us such a great experience - we didn't know that it was a bad idea to deal with GoDaddy.

Thank you, Ms. Internet Investigator from far overseas, for your hard work on keeping US Internet free of links to illegal copies of Windows Vista For Dummies. Keep it up! Next time try to contact ICANN, maybe they will shutdown the entire .COM.Thank you for not shutting down Google for exactly the same.

Thank you, unknown hacker from another far overseas, for keeping the Ms. Internet Investigator employed and for revealing what GoDaddy actually is.

Thank you, SlashDot crowd, for support on the similar case with

Thank you, Fyodor, for your

Well... Could somebody recommend a registrar who, at least, contact it's customers first?


Phil said... !

bodytechnician said... has responded to each of my support requests with answers from an actual person. They have great FAQ pages. Their site is much easier to navigate than GoAwayDaddy. They provide for no additional charge, services that GoAwayDaddy charges you extra for. Eg: Hiding your email address in the Whois database to prevent spambots from harvesting your address.

fromgoogle said...

I've had recommended to me. They apparently understand internet marketing and will contact you when issues arise rather than shut you down.

Tim McCormack said...

My personal fave is -- but they want you to have hosting with them if you use them as a registrar. (They only resell domains as a convenience for their hosting customers.)

It's an *excellent* hosting service, by the way.

Elisha said...

Rumont TeKay's Official Novel "THE RUTHLESS DICTATOR" is HOT!!!

John said...

You infringe every time you publish a feed for a website without their knowledge and without offering an easy way for a webmaster to opt out. (of your leach service)

greatserverhostingdotcom said...

Ill be doing the same as you have stolen my content without my consent!