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Monitor any webpage with Page2RSS - sumanthtechsavvy.blogspot.com

Page2RSS is just a perfect solution. Just enter your favorite site which you want to monitor and it will display a meesage as below:
This page is monitored for updates. There are no any changes detected since 02/05/07 06:57:40.
To receive updates for this page in RSS format copy-paste this link into your feed reader. And add the link to your RSS readers and you will start receiving the changes.

Page2RSS - www.librarystuff.net

I’m back in Keeping Current mode these days, wanting to come up with some case studies on a "How-To-Do-It-Good" approach. One tool that I have been playing with is Page2RSS, which basically takes any static URL and creates a feed with any new changes in that page. A great idea, theoretically. The one problem it has is that I can’t rule out specific parts of a page, like the date, which changes daily on most sites (usually via javascript). Take a look at this page. See what I mean? If only Page2RSS took a "page" from Web Site Watcher (the king of keeping current tools), I’d be thrilled. Page2RSS is really close to being an amazing tool. I hope they continue to advance it.

Page2RSS - www.lockergnome.com

Just type in the URL, click the button, and you’re done. All that’s left to do is subscribe to the feed by copying the RSS or Atom feed into your feed reader. The page will then be monitored for updates, and you’ll receive all of them in your familiar aggregator. For example, the custom feed for the sparsely populated Google home page will notify you whenever a new text blurb or logo makes it to the front page. Try the example on Page2RSS to see what I’m talking about. A Page2RSS bookmarklet is also available to help simplify the creation of these feeds

4 Tips for getting the most from Google reader - www.gearfire.net

If you frequently visit a website, but it does not have a feed, you aren’t necessarily out of luck. A new web app called Page2RSS will turn any page into a subscribe-able RSS feed for you.

RHS CDT Page - stuartmeldrum.co.uk

One thing I really used to miss about their site was a feed so I didn’t have to check if it had been updated (you do use feeds by now don’t you?) so I went away and made one using page2rss.com, so if you want to be kept up to date with what they’ve been doing then you can use it too: RSS feed for the RHS CDT Department.

Thanks for a kind words guys and gals.